Counselling and Psychotherapy


I charge £115 per 50-minute session.

I accept cash, cheque or bank transfer. If you are happy for us to meet again after our first session, at our second session I will ask you to pay for that session and the next one at the same time. This means that for our final session there will be no fee to pay, as this will have been covered the previous week.

Health insurance:

I am registered with Axa, Cigna and Healix healthcare insurers as a healthcare provider. Please note, you may be liable for excess on your healthcare policy that will need to be covered by yourself and paid to me directly. Your healthcare insurance will probably not cover cancellation fees and these will need to be covered by you. Please check with your insurer to confirm this.

Some health insurance companies may require an initial referral to me through your GP or a psychiatrist. Please check with your health insurance company beforehand to avoid any delays.

Also, your healthcare insurance may only provide cover for a fixed number of appointments. As the final one of these sessions approaches you may want to apply for a further number of sessions. In order to apply for more sessions some insurance companies require a report to be written by a GP or a psychiatrist. It is worth checking with your insurance company to understand more about this process. However, if they are happy for me to produce this report I can do this and send it to them directly. This can be discussed as and when necessary nearer the time.